UC Clients

Unified Communication Clients / UC Clients provide access to multiple communication channels from a single interface. We develop Unified Communications software solutions such as IP-based tools like Softphones, Web-based collaboration tools, Instant messengers and Email clients.

We have worked on UC Clients of different forms, including native desktop clients, RCS Clients, browser clients and clients for mobile devices, on various platforms as well as business applications with a Communication client.

Technology enables terminal devices to tap the untapped capacity and capabilities of wired and wireless networks, the back-end infrastructure, magnitude of data and storage, and processing speeds of the hardware. This has led to the development of more intelligent and powerful terminal clients, be it hardware or software solutions, which ultimately become the next generation end-point for Unified Communications.

The content of Unified Communications will be tapped through terminal devices and software solutions ranging from PSTN Phones, Hardware IP phones, Smartphones, Softphones, Instant Messengers, Email clients, Web clients & tools, Projectors, TV terminals and Printers